Testosterone Lawsuit

Androgel Low Testosterone Lawsuit


Testosterone is the male hormone that gives men healthy sex drive and the ability to get and maintain a firm erection. It also helps men to have strong and healthy muscles and bones.

Although there is usually a gradual decrease in testosterone levels as men age, nowadays many young men have low testosterone levels mainly due to modern lifestyles that is embraced by the young generation.

Low testosterone levels among many young men has made them to seek medical helps so as to boost their testosterone levels.

Main Causes Of Low Testosterone

  • Injury to the testicles because of trauma, radiation or testicular cancer
  • Klinefelter syndrome -a rear case where a man has two or more X chromosome instead of one thus causing abnormal testicle development.
  • Undescended testicles -This is a case where the testicles fail to descend before the male child is born. As a result, it affect the production of testosterone.
  • Age -as men age, the production of testosterone tend to decrease.
  • Type two diabetes. Studies show those men who suffer form type 2 diabetes have high risk of having this disorder.
  • Medications- certain medication can affect the production of testosterone.

Most Men who suffer from low testosterone level but still want to be sexually active usually seek medication so as to correct this disorder. There are dozens of medicines out there which all claim to give perfect result to men who suffer from testosterone disorder.

Some of this medication have been approved by FDA while some are not. Those people who use drugs that have not been approved by FDA cannot be liable to compensation because the drug is actually not recognized by law.

In some case a doctor may prescribe a drug to a patient who suffers from low testosterone levels but in the end, the drug ends up causing serious side effects to the patient.

If the drug has been approved by FDA and was prescribed to the patient by a registered doctor, the patient is liable sue both the doctor and the drug manufacture and demand for compensation for damages caused.

Recent study that was conducted showed that some low testosterone drugs such as androgel low t medication,  actually cause some serous health risk to men who use them. In fact, the study found out that there is link between those drugs and increase heart attacks.

Potential Risks Of Testosterone Drugs

  • Myocardial infarction
  • Heart attacks
  • Blood clots
  • Strokes¬†
  • Mood swings.

If you have used low testosterone drugs or if you know someone who has used this drugs and has suffered serious side effects as result a of using the drug, then you should know that you actually have the right to file for low testosterone lawsuit and seek for compensation.

Look for an experience lawyer to help you seek in damages for physical and psychological harm caused by the drugs, lost wages, medical expenses and disability.

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