Bladder Cancer Lawsuit

Actos Bladder Cancer Class Action Lawsuit

Patients who had taken Actos, ActosPlus Met XR, ActosPlus Met, or Duetact and consequently diagnosed with the deadly bladder cancer may have legal recourse after all. Earlier on.
A FDA safety announcement regarding Actos and bladder cancer unveiled shocking news that patients taking pioglitazone – an active ingredient in those diabetes drugs – for over a year are at a higher risk of developing life-threatening cancerous tumors of the bladder.

Allegedly, drug manufacturer Takeda Pharmaceuticals withheld vital information concerning the Actos bladder cancer risk, failing to provide sufficient warning with its diabetes treatment drug.

If you, a friend, or relative were diagnosed with cancer of the bladder after taking any of the above listed drugs, you may be entitled to file Actos class action lawsuit to receive financial compensation in light of the allegations.

The Actos Bladder Cancer Connection

actos lawsuit helpThe FDA safety announcement released on June 15, 2011, regarding Actos and bladder cancer was a warning following the agency’s review of data from a 5-year critical analysis of an ongoing scientific study of the drug by the drug maker, Takeda Pharmaceuticals.

In practice, no overall increased risk of bladder cancer faced users. However, patients who were using the drugs for a much longer time had the longest exposure to pioglitazone, putting them at a greater chance of developing cancer of the bladder, according to the findings. The study revealed that, in particular, patients taking the drug for over one year had a 40% chance of developing the disease.

In addition, in light of the connection between Actos and bladder cancer, pioglitazone should never be prescribed to patients with bladder cancer, as advised by the FDA. It should also be used with great caution in patients with a history of bladder cancer. Additionally, the agency advised that users should be on high alert for signs that could possibly indicate the presence of Actos bladder cancer, including:

  • Blood In Urine
  • Sudden Urge To Urinate
  • Back/Lower Abdominal Pain
  • Pain During Urination

Because of the possible link between Actos and bladder cancer, the agency also mentioned that the risk should be reflected on the drug’s label, as well as the patient medication guide.

Actos Class Action Lawsuit

actos lawsuitsActos, ActosPlus Met XR, ActosPlus Met, or Duetact users who were diagnosed with bladder cancer may potentially take legal action against the manufacturer if they failed to adequately warn users (doctor and patients) concerning the possible risk of Actos bladder cancer.

If you’ve been diagnosed with bladder cancer after using the drugs, you can contact a lawyer to determine if you can potentially file a claim seeking medical compensation, for medical bills, and pain and suffering, as well as damages. However, you have to move fast because there’s a time limit for filling an Actos bladder cancer lawsuit.

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